My Experience with Screencasting

After reading the articles about screen casting, watching the video on-screen casting, and thinking about our assignment I felt very overwhelmed.  My anxiety level went through the roof.  I downloaded the software and watched a few of the tutorials and felt a little better.  I started working on the assignment and started feeling frustrated.  I wanted to rip my hair out.  Finally, after playing with it and practicing  I was able to do it.  I was very proud of myself for completing this assignment. It was a confidence booster for sure.  Screen casting is a really great tool.  I could see how teachers would want to use this tool in the classroom.  Five ways that teachers can use screen casting in the classroom are live screen casting, online/hybrid blended learning, student created content, professional development, and screen casting and grading. Teachers can do live screen casting for their classroom.  Teachers can screen cast a lecture which will free up time for other activities.  Another way teachers can use screen casting is online hybrid blended learning.  Many colleges offer online classes.   Teachers can make engaging screen casts of any aspect of instruction reading analysis, math problem solving etc.  Teachers can also teach their students how to screen cast as well.  Students can screen cast slide presentations and create digital stories.  Professional Development practitioners can also use screen casting to teach other professionals during staff development days. Finally, teachers can use screen casting for grading.  Teachers can create a virtual conference between them and their student.  Teachers can archive the screen casts to show parents the growth of a student at parent teacher conferences.


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