Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning is an approach to teaching in which students explore real world problems and challenges at the same time using cross curriculum skills while working in small collaborative groups.

PBL inspires students to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they’re studying.  Studies have also shown that students gain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they are studying.

Advantages to Project Based Learning

Increase attendance growth in self-reliance and improved attitudes toward learning.

Academic gains equal to or better than those generated by other models with students involved in projects taking greater responsibility for their own learning than during more traditional activity.

Opportunities to develop complex skills such as high order thinking problem solving, collaborating and communicating.

Access to a broader range of learning opportunities in the classroom providing a strategy for engaging culturally diverse learners.

Disadvantages to Project Based Learning

Recognizing situations that make for good projects

Structuring problems as learning opportunities

Collaborating with colleagues to develop interdisciplinary projects

Managing the learning process

Integrating technologies where appropriate

Developing authentic assessments

Teachers will have to adopt new instructional strategies to achieve success

Direct Instruction methods that rely on textbooks  lectures and traditional assessments do not work well in the more open-ended world of project based learning.

I think that Project Based Learning is a great way for teachers to teach students how to come up with real solutions to real life problems using what they have been taught in different subject matters.  It is a great tool for teachers to use to combine different subjects into one big project.  It also is a great way for students to learn how to collaborate with a group to solve a real problem in their community. is a recommended site for beginners of PBL


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