Future Prediction for Fun Brain

Funbrain.com is a website that I learned about while substitute teaching.   It is an educational website for children and adults.  It was founded in May 1992. The website is for students from grades K-8.  Students can log on and practice their academic studies in a fun way.  Funbrain.com specializes in math and reading.  Funbrain.com has a link where parents can get advice on their child’s academic progress.  There is also a link for teachers to get teaching resources for their students.

Some advantages to Funbrain are it’s a great support tool for students who need more instruction in Math and Reading.  The students have fun while learning.  It helps the students become frequent users of the computer and internet.  It also promotes independent studying.

Disadvantages to FunBrain are not all students may have access to the internet and they may not get the extra practice that the other students can get.  Another disadvantage is that the students can see the site as “just for fun” and take out learning aspects of the site.  Personally I like the site.  It works wonders for students who need extra practice on reading and other literacy practice.

Funbrain has been around since 1992 and they keep adding more games to fit the times.  I think Funbrain will be around for awhile.  It is also part of Pearson the education service and technology company so as long as they are still in business funbrain will be too.  That is my prediction for the future of this great education tool.


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