Wow! I think I made it.

Wow! I think I made it.  There were times when I didn’t think I would.  Even though I felt very frustrated with this class it was a lot of fun as well.  I’ve learned so much.  I’ve learned a lot about different educational technology tools that I am excited to use in my classroom.  I’ve read many blogs on the Internet before but never really thought about starting one myself.  I also learned about different tech tools I can use as an educator.  I have used Google as a search engine and Gmail, but didn’t know that Google offers many more applications.  I’ve learned how to create videos and upload them to Youtube.  I also learned about Project Based Learning.  I think Project Based Learning will be a great way for students to get excited about creating projects in the classroom.

The three Learning Outcomes for this class were: practice thoughtful, cognitive reflection and dialogue about the application and impact of technology in education, develop multiple assignment evidencing the mastery of a broad scope of learning technologies, and develop a professional website.  I believe that I have demonstrated learning outcome 1 by participating and completing my blog every week.  I have created videos and uploaded them to Youtube which demonstrates learning outcome two, and I have developed a website and E-portfolio which was the goal for learning outcome three.

So even though this course was a challenge I learned about all kinds of tech tools for my classroom.  I’m really excited to show my students everything that I have learned from this course.  Hopefully, they will be just as excited about these tools as I am.


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